Using a TTRPG campaign map

Using a TTRPG campaign map

In my Cthulhu Cold War ttrpg I’m running, I’ve been using this “map”. Each area is an arc of the campaign and what the characters know has been revealed.

At the end of an arc the players choose which part they want to tackle next, except for Coup. That one is last. This is the first time I’ve used anything that could be considered a “progress meter” for a campaign. I think I like it.

Having a “map” of the campaign lets players know a lot more information. They know how much longer things are going to go and can base character decisions around that.

It has also helped them lean more into what is going on in the campaign. The players know an awful lot while their characters have a more limited view. This leads to situations where the tension is high as a PC interacts with a friend the players know is betraying them.

I want to close out by mentioning that this setup is  100% stolen from Fate of Cthulhu’s timelines. It is a great mechanic for Fate RPG games.