The Disposable PC, for Fate

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Sometimes random people show up for a night of gaming and no one (GM or player) has had time to prep a character for that person to play. Sure, they could play one of the NPCs, but only if there is a fleshed out NPC with a character sheet. So you could have the hassle of making a quick character…

Or they could be Disposable.

Disposable PC

This player character (PC) represents a collection of people instead of a single PC. The Disposable PC represents the rank-and-file of the organization(s) that the PCs work for. They are the agents, soldiers, barbarian hordes, and/or red shirts that are put to use by the group.


High Concept: Your Nameless Associates
Trouble: Disposable
Aspect: We work as a Team
Aspect: intentionally empty; modify as needed
Aspect: intentionally empty; modify as needed

Approaches or Skills

The Disposable PC gets a bonus to a skill that they should be good at with a rank that is one less than the top skill or approach of other PCs. So if you’re playing Fate Accelerated and the PCs have a top approach of +3, the Disposable PC gets +2.

This top skill will vary depending on the type of Disposable character the PC is in the scene. If they are a generic scientist maybe the skill is Science +2 while if they were a marine in the field it would be Assualt +2.

For everything else, the Disposable PC rolls a +0.

Stunts and Extras

We Were There All Along: You can spend a fate point to reveal yourself as an extra or mook, like a bespectacled scientist, a rank-and-file henchman, or a hooded cultist, and you gain a boost to represent the surprise reveal.

Crewman Number Six: Once per session you can die in such a way as to reveal a key bit of information. This information is represented by either an object that the players are in search of or as an aspect with two free invokes on it. You return to the game in the next scene as another nameless associate.

My Name is ___!: Once per session you may give your character a first name and gain the aspect “My Name is __!” with a free invoke. Your top skill is now increased to +3 and cannot be changed until this aspect goes away.

Stress and Conditions

Per rule set being used