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Growing a health care app to serve doctors

Application Development for Careform (now owned by ConnectiveRx)

Front-end Engineering
Interaction Design
Careform Application

Careform simplifies access to specialty pharmaceuticals

Careform is a robust application for use in doctors' offices that simplifies access to specialty pharmaceuticals. Drug companies partner with Careform to use this app to manage drug inventories, dispensing, and approvals.

Our Role was Mostly Front-end Engineering

Careform reached out early in their growth. The role Amazing Rando Design took on for Careform was Front-end Engineering with a light sprinkling of design and user experience.

Some of the highlights of the work:

  • Transforming static designs into a responsive framework
  • Create a component library to allow interfaces to be created quickly
  • Create a framework to quickly reskin the site.
  • Support IE7+ (Doctor's offices don't upgrade often.)

Where are the Code Samples?

The code isn't publicly available. Get in touch and I would be happy to share the work one-on-one.

Exploding Growth and Passing the Torch

Careform's growth looks like a hockey puck, with speciality drug companies signing on to make use of the site. After 4+ years of working with Careform, they finally had enough work to justify hiring an in-house front-end person.

Helping Them Hire

As Careform was growing, I made sure that my contact there knew that they were going to need to hire. I was open about this and told them that when the time came that I would be happy to use my experience to help them hire the right person.

After a search of a few months, the right person was hired. I was retained to help onboard them and answer questions about the codebase.

While it was sad to see my role in project come to an end, I'm happy to have contributed to the success of Careform.